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How it Works


With prospective students, we start with gathering any helpful information to best match you with an instructor.

1. Any previous music exposure? (music class in school, choir, relatives who are musicians, etc.,  if any)

2. Do you have preference for either a female / male instructor? 

3. Which days of the week would work for you?

4. Do you have an instrument already, or would you like to rent to get started?

5. What are your general goals and intended outcomes?

Once an instructor has been assigned, we plan an initial lesson. 

There we will begin exploring music concepts together, such as

- Instrument orientation

- Scale tones, enharmonics

- Reading and playing rhythm

- Reading staff / tablature 

- Various performance techniques

- Developing sight-reading comfort

- Ear training

- Music theory concepts

- Wonder / Improvisation

We have a Business Policy that starts after your trial lesson so students have the opportunity to ensure things feel like a good fit. You have the choice between two different student payment plans. 

See "Business Policy / Pricing " tab above to review.


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