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Diamond Joyce And The Secret Of Crystal Cave Download Computer fallfay




Plot summary This is not the only game in the series, it’s a continuation of that great adventure. Joyce received a letter from a new adventurer, Scarlet West, after she ran away from her parents and her new boyfriend. Joyce’s parents don’t approve of her not finding a job and loving Scarlet, and the letter just confirmed the things that they have been trying to say to her for a long time. Scarlet is rich and Joyce is not. She decided to set out on her own with no money or a guidebook. The first day Joyce and Scarlet found a map but they couldn’t read it. The two got to a cabin in the mountains where they met an old man who was very curious about Joyce. They also found a giant spider, which they didn’t find very funny since there were no webs. They decided to start exploring the jungle. Then they saw a tree with leaves that had something written on them. After Joyce climbed the tree they discovered the map, then they proceeded to the next area. They came across a temple and in the temple they found something that looked like an iron box but it was not an iron box. Then they were attacked by a wolf but they were rescued by a man. The man tried to get rid of Joyce. He threatened to cut out Joyce’s heart if she did not give him the map but she wouldn’t. Joyce and Scarlet then talked about the man’s strange behavior. They decided to travel to a place called “The Yellow City.” They managed to get into the city and found out that it was abandoned by everyone except a young boy and his pet who stole everything. They decided to travel back to the cabin. They didn’t find the cabin but they found another cave that they were welcomed by a tribe of very mysterious creatures. They stayed there for a while and explored the cave and found a temple. Joyce and Scarlet ran into a problem when they were attacked by a poison-spitting snake. They ran away and found another cave. They found a knight’s armor, the iron box and another map. They made their way to the Yellow City and then to the Ancient City. They found a knight’s helmet, they were almost caught by the queen of the city but they escaped. They found the way to the treasure and finally they found the secret that they were looking for. Characters Joyce – she is a young, brave,




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Diamond Joyce And The Secret Of Crystal Cave Download Computer fallfay

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